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Latest Products

Finer Stamp

Effective design that helps deliver the cosmetics into the deep skin

33G Finer Roller

33G 0.2mm new generation finer roller with wave drum

Essenlite Pen

Replaceable battery high speed essenlite pen 

Guangzhou Vantee Electronic Technology Co.Ltd. is the professional manufacture for Micro Needling systerm,includes derma roller, derma pen. Aprroved by CE,ANVISA,INMETRO,ISO13485, registered in Europe with EU-REP, CIBG.Sterilizataion accodring to ISO11135, via EO Gas, or 

Gamma Irradiation. Product tests cooperate with internetional organizations, such as ECM, SGS, NCC, UKAS. Competent to help customer solve all the problem and meet the market demands.